Native American Voices

These stories are given in examples from the essay, “Lesbians, Men-Women, and Two-Spirits” written by Sabine Lang, from the anthology female desires.

“Joan was born around 1953 and lived in urban surroundings since her family relocated in the late 1950s, but she still has ties to her reservation.

I was really a tomboy. By the time I came out it was more or less suspected already, you know? I was just always very different! So when I finally really came out and started bringing lovers home and stuff, they already started treating me like I was just like a guy. As I was growing up some of these Indian males on the reservation that are straight and that I visited growing up, they just treat me like a guy. I’ve always been the kind of person who hung out with the guys.” (107)

“An Ojibwa woman summarized her experience and other Native American lesbians as follows:

As a two-spirited woman of the First Nations, you are aware of ‘triple opression.’ You are a lesbian, female, and Native in a society dominated by a world that does not honor women or indigenous peoples and by a world that says your sexuality is non-existent, a phase, a threat, or a sin against God…You find yourself in a city built on racism and fed on the oppression of everyone who is not heterosexual, white, and male.” (110)


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