“Cross Cultural Lesbian Studies”

by Evelyn Blackwood

“By claiming as ‘lesbian’ any person with a female body who engages in sex with a another female body (despite FTM statements that they are men), we essentialize the gender of lesbians. This blindness to social gender means that the definition of the ‘lesbian’ ultimately depends upon biology. While I am not saying that queer identities such as FTM s should not be included in ‘lesbian studies,’ I am saying we need to give greater attention to he discourses, specificities, and complexities of what is called ‘lesbian'”

“If we are to develop successfully an international focus to lesbian studies, we need to set aside our own assumptions about the categories of sex, sexuality, intimacy, and women-women relationships. We need to recognize the complexities of sexualities and identities in a postcolonial world, a world in which emerging lesbian and gay activists are forging new identities that both accommodate and resist traditional and imposed conceptions of sexuality. ” (199)

The New Lesbian Studies: Into the Twenty-First Century

Edited by Bonnie Zimmerman and Toni A.H. McNaron

The Feminist Press, 1996



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