This website has been created in “blog” format purposefully in order to encourage all types of feedback from interested individuals. Please leave your comments, criticisms, hopes, stories, ideas- anything you feel inclined that would be constructive and to benefit other readers and participants!

The category- Transnational Lesbian Feminist Research- includes many quoted excerpts from the authors’s original works. The excerpts which have been chosen are not typed in the original format’s entirety, and should not be assumed to be the most important information from the essays, but are related to interests of transnational feminist lesbian studies.

Readers of this webpage are encouraged to do their own research and post any relative works, articles, issues, news, etc. of interest they may find in order to stimulate discussion. Also, the page contains a “Wiki” where readers can post words which are found in posts that they may not be familiar with, and enter in a definition they find, and others may enter definitions which are helpful as well.


One response to “Home

  1. Ana’s Land: Sisterhood in Eastern Europe. Edited by Tanya Renne. Westview Press 1997

    French Feminism Reader 2000. pgs 313 Edited by Kelly Oliver
    Roman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc.

    The New Lesbian Studies: Into the Twenty-First Century
    Edited by Bonnie Zimmerman and Toni A.H. McNaron
    The Feminist Press, 1996 pgs1-289

    female desires edited by Evelyn Blackwood and Saskia Wieringa
    Columbia University Press. New York. 1999 pgs 348

    List of sources, so far.

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